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Kestrel 0855Fwora, 5500Fw Fire Weather Meter Pro

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The Kestrel 5500 Fire Weather Pro offers users all the environmental data they need to make informed decisions

  • Description
  • The Fire Weather Pro also provides on-screen graphing of history, enabling better visibility of environmental trends and more intuitive fire behavior prediction Features Wind Speed Direction Wind Direction And Orientation Relative Humidity Temperature Probability of Ignition Fine Dead Fuel Moisture Wet Bulb Temperature Psychrometric Altitude Density Altitude Barometric Pressure Crosswind/Headwind/ Tailwind Heat Stress Index Dew Point Temperature Station Pressure Absolute Pressure Wind Chill

    This unit includes a compass, PIG, FDFM and many other environmental measurements, and can be used hand-held or mounted on a tripod in the vane mount accessory