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Princessa Screen - Screen Gems Sg-285A

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Princessa Screen - Screen Gems SG-285A Screen Gems Princessa Screen SG-285A, this exquisite 7ft screen is an elegant addition to your home decor

  • Description
  • Each Capiz shell is individually cultured, collected, and cleansed to obtain a pristine shell

    Handcrafted of fine Capiz Mother of Pearl shell strands

    The frame is made of quality mango hard wood with a fine sandy brown finish

    The result is an elegant 3 SG-285 or 4 SG-285A panel screen of discriminating taste

    The shell is then polished, coated and fabricated to obtain the precise consistent shape for the strand panel inset

    SG-285A Features Dimensions 84 L x 84 W Approximate Weight 50 lbs

    The transparent pattern is finished on both sides