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Color Hand Wrap-Red-18" X 1000' X 100 Ga -256 Rolls = 64 Cases

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Color Hand Wrap offers many creative usages and this film is a versatile resource for various purposes

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    Like our blown stretch film, moving companies and individuals find this product effective because it will disguise valuables and simplify unpacking, making your items color classified

    Our Color Hand Wrap offers you a non-breakage quality which will bring efficiency and effectiveness to your wrapping applications /p

    Same for industrial warehouses, this unique film makes your stock control easily categorized. strong ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com /strong ensure customers that they ll experience top notch product quality, swift order delivery and professional service so that you re not hindered

    This 15 -18 hand film is a premium quality film that is excellent for the industrial, office, moving, artistic, and home environments

    We offer discounts regularly so be aware of our specials and make sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter too! Such positive factors in which our Color Hand Wrap produces will inherently benefit companies as they reduce packaging and shipment expenses because they re able to ship more product out in a swift and timely manner

    Whether you desire an attractive look to your package or refer to conceal your items, our Color Hand Wrap is your complete source