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Greenlee 06426, Hk1230 1.2" 12-Ton Manual Hydraulic Crimping Tool

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The HK1230 Hydraulic Crimping Tool is a handheld, self-contained crimping tool intended to crimp aluminum and copper connectors onto electrical cable

  • Description
  • Includes Crimping Tool Carrying case Features Two crimping head choices HK1230 with 1.20 IN 30 mm opening, and HK1240 with 1.65 IN 42 mm opening Both heads accept Greenlee KC12, KA12 and KD12 crimping dies as well as industry U style dies New head designs result in lower weight and improved durability - tested to 50, 000 crimp cycles Two-speed pump to reduce cycle time Ram automatically retracts when crimp cycle is complete - a Greenlee exclusive Crimping heads rotate 360 deg Smaller and lighter than competitive tools Covered head models have two

    It uses industry standard 12-ton U type dies, purchased separately

    Patent 6, 206, 663

    The outer layer is black and the inner layer is red Includes carrying case U.S